Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Half Day Diet Review – It’s Not Worth the Price

Today I’ll be writing The Half Day Diet review which is about a recently launched weight loss program designed by Nate Miyaki who is a top fitness author whose work has been published in some of the top magazines of the world such as Live Strong, Men’s Health, and Shape etc.
Since I follow these leading fitness experts, I was fascinated by this e-book because I know Nate Miyaki’s work holds a lot of credibility and if he has published something health-oriented, it is definitely going to be kick-ass.

This weight loss program is called The Half Day Diet because that is exactly what you are supposed to do; diet for half a day. This means that you can eat all the
carbs that you want for half of the day and the other half, you will spend in a low-carb diet so that you can burn your fat. Usually, every diet revolves around one aspect, some are protein diets, some are detox diets etc. similarly, this one is a low-carb diet or rather, not a low-carb diet but rather a carbohydrate-oriented diet where you trick your carbs and fat. It is a long and slightly confusing process so I will suggest you to read it on the official website www.halfdaydietplan.com as they have explained it in a better way and I don’t want to end up messing with your concepts.

The Half Day Diet review disclaimer
Before I go on to explain what the e-book entails, it is important to note that this e-book should not be considered as medical advice and that it should be followed along with the guidance of your physician (like you would do before following any weight loss program). I’ve attached a screengrab of the disclaimer that the e-book has put forth because people don’t usually read these and then blame the author if anything goes amiss.

What is it about?
The Half Day Diet is a 204 pages long ebook that helps you lose weight without actually making you go on a hunger strike. You can eat all you want for half the day and in the other half, you are supposed to diet. According to Nate Miyaki:
“Despite all of the theory, science, over-complication, and marketing fluff in the health and fitness industry, getting results always comes down to acquiring a few simple, actionable strategies you can consistently apply in the real world. Let’s cut through the bullshit and get down to what works.”
To describe it in one sentence, the Half Day Diet claims to be a hybrid diet between paleo and sports nutrition diets. It has taken the best of both and combined them to make a quick and fool proof way to make you lean. It tells you how to go about the diet, what to eat, how much to eat (it even provides measurements for food to make your life easier) all for $37.
The e-book is divided in 5 parts; all of them serve different purposes:
Part 1: The first part gives Nate Miyaki’s personal story and tells you why you should start this diet.

Part 2: Gives you an understanding of fat loss and the health enhancement hierarchy; in what order should you prioritize different diet details.
Part 3: this is the most essential part of the entire pdf e-book because it contains the most important detail, which is the diet itself. This includes the food choices that you are supposed to opt for, what to stop eating, the workout details etc.
Part 4: Includes food charts and calculations that will help you while following the diet because you have to consume certain quantities of food and this will explain to you the calories, carbs etc. in different foods.
Part 5: Gives the ending note and includes credentials of Nate Miyaki and his wife, Kalai Diamond.
All the lessons contain different details and all of them provide in-depth information along with client testimonials as part of the lesson, because everyone knows people just ignore testimonials
that are on the website so these guys made it part of the lessons so you can learn from them.

The break-down of the lessons go something like this:
  • Client Story
  • Summary of what to do
  • Why you should do it
  • How to do it – practical application
  • Research Corner – for your inner geek (those who like to know why they are doing what they are doing)
  • Chapter summary
The purpose of The Half Day Diet review is to weigh the benefits of new e-books that are launched against the claims that they make, in order to justify whether they are worth buying. Half Day Diet, in my opinion, is great for those who dwell in the health and fitness world and are keen in getting to know about new concepts and researches that come about. Some of the other benefits of this weight loss program are:
  • Hybrid between paleo and sports nutrition – since this diet is a combination of two different diets, people who follow either paleo or sports can easily follow this diet or those who want to follow paleo diet but are finding it difficult to make the jump can use this diet as a stepping stone.

  • Provides a holistic program – This manual provides complete information about the diet including the food that you are supposed to eat, how you are supposed to consume it.
  • Promotes exercising – This does not ask you to take a lot of supplementary diet pills but rather motivates you to exercise which is a healthier alternative.
  • Different diets for lazy and enthusiastic people – It considers the fact that not everyone who will buy the book will actually be enthusiastic to follow it. Some will be, but others will probably still be really lazy and will need lenient diet guidelines to help them get started.

The drawbacks of the manual:
  • Vague information about exercising – Even though the e-book promotes exercising, it does not tell you what kind of exercises you are supposed to do and does not provide details about the reps or sets of the exercises so you can’t be sure how much to exercise and which exercises to follow.
  • Does not give too many recipes that you can follow – However, it does teach you how to calculate carbs, fat, calories etc. and provides a chart so that you know which foods have what quantity so you can make your own recipes accordingly.
  • Not paleo-centric as it claims to be – Even though the principles are based on paleo diet (as the author claims), paleo eaters would want more paleo-centric information which the e-book does not provide. Also, since this diet is supposed to be followed for half a day, you are free to eat whatever you want during the rest of the day and that deters from the principles of paleo dieting.
  • Not too motivational – The e-book does not make too many efforts to motivate you to follow this diet. Yes, the concept of tricking your body fat and this form of low-carb diet is evidently new; the e-book does not do too much to convert people to the diet.
Is the manual all you get for $37?
The Half Day Diet doesn’t let you go without freebies. The free bat burning bonuses that you get include:
  1. Restaurant & fast food survival guide – to help you decide how and what to order, along with recommendations, when you dine out so that you can still follow the diet even when you are eating out.
  2. The happy hour handbook – This is a guide to help you decide what to do and what to eat before a drinks night so that you don’t stray away from your diet.
  3. The holiday fat loss manual – this handbook provides a 7-day strategy for times when you know you might over-indulge, most likely on holidays and how to cover up if you have fallen prey to over indulgence.
The verdict of The Half Day Diet review is that this new form of diet is intriguing, it is great for people who can’t find the determination to go on “saintly” diets and let go of everything that they should because this diet does not really ask you to completely purify yourself of yummy, fatty foods.
However, I believe that paying $37 for a new concept only is not worth it, so I would not recommend this e-book to everyone because not everyone would be able to pull it off and it could end badly. Another reason is that I find the details of this manual to be vague. I guess this could be because I had very high expectations from this manual only because it was written by a renowned fitness author.
I’d highly suggest you to check out my Eat Stop Eat review as it’s one of my favorite eBooks when it comes to the weight loss category and even costs a few dollars less than The Half Day Diet. If I had to choose between the two, I would definitely pick the Eat Stop Eat eBook. Make sure that you read my review to discover why I recommend this eBook over others. It will also help you to draw a comparison between the two eBooks and choose which one is the right for you.
Though, people who are in to health and fitness research and would like to do further research on this legit new concept should buy The Half Day Diet eBook and look in to this new low-carb diet and fat-tricking manual. The best part is the fact that this eBook comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so if you do not find it useful, you can always return it.